What Perspective Do You Come From?

When we think of Jesus on the cross, do we minimise our sins, and maximise Jesus’ forgiveness, or maximise our sins and minimise Jesus?

So many times we can concentrate more on the things that we have done wrong, instead of what Jesus has done to set us free

Do we realise we are forgiven?

Friends, we need to remember to let go of the past to step into our future?

In other words, we need to remember that there is no condemnation in Jesus. Therefore, the old has gone, and the new is here. Right now, we are a new creation

So this morning, are we going to be glad that God’s mercies are new each day, and praise Jesus for what He did? Or, dwell on the fact that we are all sinners?

Perspective changes lives.

Therefore, let’s start thinking like we are a son or daughter of the Living God because then, His peace will enter our hearts as Christ increases and we decrease

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