God’s truths

This Psalm brings so much truth to our Christian-walk, but verse five is what captivates me

In one verse, David brings the basis of our relationship with The Lord

That God will continually lead us as we walk with Him, but also that we would be taught His ways

How many times as a child, would we be taken somewhere by our parents, but it’s only when we paid attention in later years, that we see the way to reach our destination?

David shows that although God may lead us on His path, we still need to be taught His ways. It’s a two-part transaction that sees us put our hope and faith in Him.

It’s a place where we no longer trust our instinct but surrender our thoughts to His

Friends, we may all know that the sky is blue, and the grass is green, but there is so much more to learn when we allow God to take us deeper in life

As an adult, we can forget the little intricacies that have us in wonder as a child, but it remembers to come to God with a ”child-like-faith,” that allows us to be then taught, to be moulded, and guided, to where God has called us

And so today, don’t only ask God to lead you, but to teach you His ways, His thoughts, and start to understand that these truths are the only way in life

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Rebecca Brand

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