What is to Come

I felt like someone needed to hear this today…

This life is not the end

The things that you are enduring does not define you

You might be questioning where God is within this world, but know that He is, and always will be on The Throne

Friends, let’s remember that God desires that no-one should perish. Hell wasn’t created for humanity, but Satan is giving it a good go with trying to get as many there as possible

So, let’s pray for those who have hurt us. Pray for those who persecute others. Pray for God’s redeeming love to find every soul on this earth, because these individuals do not know what they do. Therefore, let go of any hate, let go of bitterness, and let go of any revenge that keeps replaying over and over within our minds, because one day, one perfect day, Jesus will return

Instead, let’s praise God for Who He is, and exalt Him for what is to come! Because the LORD will reign forever, and ever!

This life, therefore, is no comparison with what is to come, but God wants everyone to find freedom, in Him, within this world.

Hold onto God…He’s got you

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