Tick-a-Box Faith

Rules and regulations I could handle, because it gave clear guidelines, boundaries, and something to strive for

That’s why I loved school, it was structured, and it was laid out for me. Every minute of every weekday was written down, and I could see what I was doing a week Tuesday. I guess I liked this because life was hard outside of school, so I would concentrate on becoming the best student I could be

Yet, the moment when I realised my faith in Christ was based on law, not love, was a significant one, because I realised that I had developed a tick-a-box faith. That meant I was failing at what God had originally intended for our lives

I was no longer an A* student because it seemed like, whatever I tried to do; there was always more. My relationship with God – at that time – was like having a never-ending exam

Within humanity, for most of us, we love structure. We love the security of knowing right from wrong – whether we admit it or not, most of us try to not brake the laws of this world

Yet, this ”rely on self” motto is what keeps us from having real life. The mundane tick-a-box lifestyle is what most of us want, because it is easy to see on paper what we deem as successful

Did we graduate ☑️

Did we get that promotion ☑️

Are we earning more than we could have imagined ☑️

Are we married ☑️

Do we have a white picket fenced house, with a dog ☑️

Do we go on “X” amount of vacations a year ☑️

…you get the picture

Friends, Christ fulfilled the law so that we got to live the way God intended. It’s through Christ’s blood, and faith in Him, that we find, life.

The law was simply there to show that we couldn’t obtain the requirements of it, so we needed a saviour.

Instead for some of us, we still think if we try harder, push more, or strive with everything we have, it’ll come good, but actually, that takes us further away from our purpose

The day you let go of what you think you know, and concentrate on the One who does, is when freedom starts to appear.

The greatest lessons for me has been that I am loved unconditionally and without merit – I don’t have to earn anything, but whatever I do is now the fruit of my relationship with God, because I want others to experience true freedom as well

My hearts desire is for you to see your true worth, and believe me when I say that you are worth more than simply ticking a box, day in, and day out

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Rebecca Brand

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