Do you Trust God?

There have been times in my walk with God when I have realised that I have taken God off the throne of my life and ensured that I made myself comfy, for a while, in His chair. This was never a deliberate choice, but when I realised, the path back seemed oh so long

I hate the fog…

The unknown, the unseen, and that eerie feeling that comes with taking one foot in front of the other, in an environment that, at times, can be hostile, is a true reflection of our journey with God

Do we trust God to walk with us, step-by-step, through the fog of our lives?

Have we taken God off His throne, in order to trust our own direction, thoughts, and feelings?

Jehovah El Emeth is the God of Truth. We either believe the whole truth or none at all. The Bible can’t be split up into the good bits, the nice bits, and the verses we believe, because God inspired ALL Scripture – therefore do we trust God in the desert, in the wilderness, in the storms, in the depths, in the valley, or in the fog, of our lives?

Do we whole-heartedly trust God to lay down our lives to Him, for eternity with Him?

I spent far too long trying to muster my way through the fog on my own, that I want to give my spirit to God, because in His hands, I am safe, secure, and loved. In His hands, I am protected, guarded, purposed with destiny. In His hands, I am with the waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, because that is the truth, that is Who God is

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Rebecca Brand

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