Cry Until The End

Has someone ever said to you, ”Don’t cry,” as your tears are pouring down your face?

I have heard it myself, and even said it to others, but just this week, two people around me have made this statement to someone, and it got me thinking…

Why do we live in a society that feels uncomfortable with emotion? Or, why do we feel ashamed to cry in front of others?

For me, I was told (again), it was a weakness to cry, and so I became known as the ”ice-maiden,” because I would show no emotion. Feelings were dead to me, but my husband, Kieren, struggled that he could see within that my heart was breaking, and yet I would try and keep myself composed, like a true English Gal!

I remember being told by an Aunt that ”we certainly do not air our dirty laundry, ” (because people will know something is wrong) – It took me a long time to ”learn” to cry.

Friends, we have a loving Father who talks about tears, crying, and mourning, a lot within the Bible

I love the imagery of God collecting all of our tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8), or that he hears our prayers and sees our tears (2 Kings 20:5) – He is present, He is near, and He cares.

I remember, that I breathed a sigh of relief when I became a Christian, because I thought that I would never know hardship again…yet, I learnt (quickly) that pain and suffering still comes my way, I just now realise that I have God by my side to comfort, and listen to my cries

I want to encourage you this morning to not fear emotion.

I get a picture of every tear that falls, waters the ground, to bring life from God’s glory. God draws us near to Him in times of need, to know that we are not alone, but to also realise that He walks with us, step by step.

Remember, we might be within a valley of tears, but God is preparing us for His city of everlasting joy

So, next time you are near to some you care for, and they start to cry, hold them, and weep with them because it’s ok to cry – God’s got them, and He will use those tears, for good

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