God’s Mouthpiece

I had a vision from God that I’d like to share…

I saw this beautiful old-styled, pure gold megaphone.

Where you put your mouth to speak, God had placed three jewels – pink (represented the love of God) orange (represented perseverance) and purple (represented authority).

The megaphone itself had seven lines from those three jewels, and I could see seven brilliant diamonds around the broadest part of the cylinder that touched each of the seven lines.

As we spoke into the megaphone, God allowed me to see the sound waves that came from it. They were like a prism – every colour that I could think of, and more, came from the words spoken – but, I could see the sound waves went throughout the land and beyond, in purity.

God spoke, and I felt Him say that there are many of us still speaking to others from a place of brokenness. Although we are His child, we have not let His love soak into the very depths of our soul.

Therefore, He’s now giving each one of us a megaphone. This will then speak the Words given by Him, to others, but our words will be filtered by the megaphone itself, so that they will be received pure, from a place of love, and with God’s authority. This way, no-one will deny they aren’t from God

Friends, time is so short for this life, and our brokenness allows the enemy to use the Words received by God, as a weapon of destruction. Our filter is like a bent antenna – although we receive the Words, they get distorted. The megaphone is strong, unbreakable, and brings wisdom.

Therefore, God is asking us to use His megaphone to speak in the last days. To pour out His love on the land, with authority, and perseverance because although sound waves can’t be seen, we can still ”see” the result of waves in action

”It is written: “ ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’ ” Romans‬ ‭14:11‬

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Rebecca Brand

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