A Simple Truth

The enemy, we know, comes to steal, kill, and destroy our faith in God. Satan has wanted our mind’s focused on anything, other than God and His Word, since Adam and Eve.

Friend, I felt to give just a simple truth this morning…

Some of us have struggled to wake up, made a mistake, said the wrong thing, hurt another person, cheated, lied…whatever it is, and therefore, we don’t want to run back to God

The truth is that satan has got in our heads, because when we feel that what we have done is more significant than our heavenly Father who sits on the throne – it manifests as shame in our lives, rather than the guilt, which was created to hopefully get us to ask God to forgive us.

Your sin does not define you – only God does…

So, instead of thinking that God would never forgive you, run back to Him, ask for forgiveness today, and allow Him to embrace you again

Because the most important thing each morning is, to begin again with God

“Farther than from a sunrise to a sunset— that’s how far you’ve removed our guilt from us.” Psalms‬ ‭103:12‬

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