God’s Friend

Oh, how I desire for my name to be called, “God’s friend” like Abraham (Isaiah 41:8)

BFF’s with the Creator of the Universe – that’s a pretty awesome thought

I long for my face to become radiant, because I have been in God’s presence, like Moses (Exodus 34:29)

Imagine speaking to God, face-to-face, just as Moses did in Exodus 33:11!

God does not want servants, slaves, or robots, because we know right from wrong, and He doesn’t need us to try and tick a box or to achieve a gold medal to get in His good books, because God has done all that was required, through Jesus Christ

Time, and time again, Scripture calls us to become a Friend of God, and Jesus has shared with us, God’s deepest desires for us all to become, all that Abraham, Moses, and other people were to God

To have a relationship…or a connection with God is to go beyond surface level conversations with Him. To be real and raw with how we feel. To not be afraid of being rejected, or because we are angry or frustrated about circumstances surrounding our lives, we back away from God.

To be a friend of God is to move in the direction that God asks us to because it’s time for us to realise that our all-seeing, all-knowing Father knows more than the guy or gal on TV, podcast, or social media platform

Imagine reading our Bibles, or chatting to God for an hour, rather than watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or whatever show we can’t get enough of? Are we more excited for God’s Word, than the most recent Avengers film? These things aren’t wrong unless they take you away from God

When life is all said and done, how do we want to be known, by God?

This morning, I felt to encourage us by asking for more of God’s presence. Let’s pray for an increase of faith and walk exactly how God is asking us too. Let’s glorify God, and not our agendas. Let’s put God first in all of our circumstances, and choose Him over everything else.

Let’s be God’s BFF’s

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