Perfect Peace

I love this verse in so many ways…

It’s certainty, it’s bluntness, it’s rawness, and it’s passion – this verse sums up the difference between faith in Christ, compared to the world

This verse shows the two journeys we will embark on if we trust the world’s path, compared to Christ’s

But, most of all, it shows that there are different kinds of peace in life, and only God’s brings perfection – completeness, wholeness, the ultimate, or flawless peace, that is only found in Jesus Christ

God’s peace is a gift from above, which means we need to receive it, by asking Him into our circumstances, yet more importantly, we need to open the gift by accepting what God has given us


We pray, we thank Him, and then we praise Him for what is to come

Friends, our lives can be in turmoil right now, and you honestly might not know which way to turn, but one thing that I know with absolute truth, is that if you seek Jesus, you will find Him. Yet when you do, He will not only carry you through your toughest times, but you can trust that He will never leave you and He will show you love in ways that you never thought possible

When you have God’s peace – there is no fear, no worry of condemnation, no angst about what is to come because you know that God’s got you, and so, you let go of what was, in anticipation of what is to come

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