We ”Thank You” Jesus

Today, for all of us, it was the best day of our lives, and ironically, we hadn’t even been born yet

The enemy was rejoicing because he thought he had won…

Jesus had just voluntarily gone to the cross. We need to remember that crucifixion is a hideous death, designed for pain and humiliation for the lowest of society.

Yet, we today, can celebrate His death knowing what comes next. For the Disciples, most went into hiding, in fear of what they thought was to come.

Friends, today, on Good Friday, Jesus realised that He had fulfilled all that the Father had asked, and that meant that He had to let go of what was, to celebrate what was to come

It wasn’t the nails, the spear, the thorns, or the flogging that killed Jesus, because Scripture shows us that He bowed His head in submission to God, and then voluntarily gave up His Spirit

At any point, He could have spoken, and the angels would have saved Him, but Jesus chose death

Thank you, Jesus, that you died, so that I may live

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