Accepted to Righteousness

Revival has become a sticking point, and in many ways, is now a taboo subject

Yet, I have read that revival comes time and time again, when there is a hunger for God, a need, or a desire, but unfortunately, we now live in a community that acceptance is demanded – no matter what the cost.

We are a race that seeks to be known for how we feel, rather than what is right in the eyes of the Lord

Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8)

This Scripture does not say that loves means there is no sin. Therefore, we can decipher what is right or wrong from the Word of God.

Yet, we have a society that thinks love is acceptance, but a Father loves their children, not necessarily the behaviour, or accepts what they have done

The Word is alive and active, so when we apply Truth with reality, something shifts so that we see our lives for what they truly are – a mess of ashes that God wants to restore with a Crown of Beauty.

When will we hunger and thirst for Christ’s return again?

When will we love everyone the way Jesus loves us – without compromising righteousness, over fear?

I want revival, and I want it in this lifetime

This world is dying, because it does not understand the need for a Saviour, and the worst part is, we accept death as apart of life

Revival comes when we realise that this life is only but a moment in time, and for us to experience its fullness, we need God

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