The Mist of our Lives

We live across the road from a Farmer’s field, but regularly, you see the early morning mist covering the field’s true identity

As I watched the mist being slowly burnt away from the sun, I felt reminded by God, about our walk with Him.

There are times in our lives when we feel like we can not see what God is doing, or if in fact, God is there with us, at all, but it’s remembering our identity as we walk through the mist of our lives

Satan deceives, and therefore our truth becomes distorted when we focus on the mist, and not the reality behind it

So I want to encourage you today to ask God for your spiritual eyes to be sharper than your natural ones.

That you receive a revelation of the morning mist in your life, that is stopping you from your true identity, found only in Christ Jesus.

Father, I pray that the morning mist is revealed for what it truly is – temporary.

I pray Lord for peace and wisdom to follow your voice, even if you seem far away, because, in reality, you are right next to us, walking each and every step, in footsteps that have already gone before us

Thank you, Father, that my identity is only found in You, and that you are my anchor in times of need, pain, or even uncertainty

We love You, Jesus, and give you all the praise and the glory, for what is to come.

Today, set your eyes on God’s truth…not necessarily what you see in front of you

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