Remembering, we are Exiles

When you look around at the world where God has placed you, what do you see?

This morning, I was starting to read through the book of Daniel, but chapter one, verse eight, struck me…

There comes a point in this life, when we realise that cooperation and compromise meet. This is when we must choose between God’s way, and the world’s.

What would happen if Christian’s remembered that we are exiles in this world? Remembering that our real home is in Heaven?

We become too familiar with our surroundings, sometimes, that we compromise the very foundation of our faith

Daniel was captured and taken by the Babylonians to try and make him submit to their ways because King Nebuchadnezzar thought that submerging people in their culture, would make them see, that his way, was best.

Yet, Daniel allowed the Babylonians to change his name, and he even went peacefully to Babylonia, but his cooperation stopped at the food he was given to eat – that was his none negotiable.

Daniel knew that everything that had occurred before this had not changed him within but to eat the Babylonians’ food and wine, was the first step to depending on Nebuchadnezzar

Therefore, Daniel resolved not to compromise, but to stand firm. He decided to do what was right in God’s eyes, rather than submit to the pressures around him

How many of us are focused on submerging ourselves within the culture around us, that we forget who we indeed are? I don’t mean learning a new language, or standing firm in our heritage, because once a Christian, it’s about Kingdom culture, not a worldly one!

Friends, we are children of the Lord Most High. He died so that we may live, and yet we are still compromising our daily walk with the Lord, over the feeling of wanting or needing to live more like the world around us

Therefore, today, let’s take a moment to think about our non-negotiable’s…At what point will we take a stand for God, and say no thank you?

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Rebecca Brand

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