The God we Know

I know I have said it before, but I love God with everything in me.

I love the Bible, with its rawness and simplicity. I love the tangible presence of God throughout the Words dripping with love, but what I love most is that God is so much more than we can ever comprehend in our finite minds.

I listened to a podcast yesterday, and Kris Vallotton said, ”The Bible is all of God, but God is not all of the Bible.”

How accurate is that statement?

Who do you know God to be in your life? What part of God have you held onto in times of need, times of sorrow, times of joy, or even times of peace?

Who has God revealed Himself to be, to you?

Paul became all things to all men for the sake of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 9:19-23), but God IS all things to ALL men. He is everything we will ever need, and more

For some of us, this is a daunting thought, because we want to know ”everything” before reaching out and grabbing God’s hand, but let these words be an encouragement, that actually, we are so limited that we will never truly understand the creator of the Universe, because He created us to walk by faith.

Just like sheep and their Shepherd – the sheep trust the Shepherd completely, and follow His direction, because the sheep instinctively know that the Shepherd will protect them, guide them, and ultimately the Shepherd will lay down His life for them.

And although we may never truly understand God – the One who is sacrificial love – that’s ok, but let’s trust God enough, for us to hold onto Him, until our dying breath

”These are just the beginning of all that he does, merely a whisper of his power. Who, then, can comprehend the thunder of his power?” Job‬ ‭26:14‬

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Rebecca Brand

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