Don’t Settle

Do you ever feel like you are in a bit of a rut?

Continuing to go through the daily motions of life…day in…day out

When was the last time that you paused, and sought God on whether you were still on the right track?

So many of us have received a Word from God that we are still working towards, and yet in some ways, we have settled…

We have the ”this is it” motto, but God is one of abundance. He wants to lavish us with His blessings, His protection, guidance, and love

There have been times when I have made decisions based on past experiences with God, and while staying on the track God placed you on, is great; the journey of life is a continuous daily sacrifice…

One where, we need to remember to invite God into our circumstances, our thoughts and feelings, but also our decision-making processes, every day

Sometimes the road God places us on is only for a season. It may have taken you out of a situation that was leading you away from your ultimate calling, but the purpose for us is to seek God continuously.

Don’t go a day without inviting the presence of God into your day. I don’t want to settle for anything less than God’s daily plan for my life.

”Show me, Lord, help me to understand. Guide me. Walk with me because this is a day that you have made, and so, I will rejoice, that El Roi – the God who sees me – knows every breath I shall take, every hair on my head, and therefore, I thank you, Lord, for your direction and purpose. Thank you, Lord, that I don’t want to settle, but continuously seek you, so that I understand exactly what you want me to do.”

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