Sex and Jesus

Admit it…

The title got you interested if nothing else?

I have said the two words, that people think shouldn’t be in the same sentence, but this is exactly why I have!

This is a declaration of God’s goodness and the fact that God isn’t boring (again, as some people might think) because friends, let me tell you a little secret…

God created sex, and He designed it to be mind-blowing, and I want to tell you why.

Have you ever thought about WHY God gave the command that we should only have sex with one person in our lifetime?

Now some of you have thought, “I’m out”, and you think that because you aren’t a virgin, or have had more than one partner, this will disqualify you, but I want to encourage you – both Kieren and I had other partners before we were married, and being honest, I had had more partners than Kieren, which bought shame and guilt into our marriage.

Yet, the fact is, that it took a long time for us to process our pasts – anger, jealousy, and fear, all played a part in our marital bed, which the enemy tried to hold us back with

“Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭6:18‬ ‭

The Scripture above tells us why God created sex to be within only marriage…

Sex is the only “sin” we can commit against our own body, and this is why it affects us most deeply.

The world has created sex to be a simple exchange between two (or more) people, so we are a race that feels “we can’t wait” so we “try before we buy.” It’s a simple transaction between two consenting people

Yet, God created sex for the intimacy factor. Hence why the g-spot (yes, I said that word also) is not on a women’s forehead 😆 Sex is supposed to be passionate, raw, intimate, and fun. To explore the body of your partner, to find, to know, to love each other so deeply, for the ultimate pleasure

Sex was created as a typology for our relationship with God – sex between a Husband and Wife is a type for the passionate, intimate relationship that God desires from us – to be fully known by God, and for us to know Him deeply – unashamedly.

It is time for Christians to stop being ashamed of sex. The world has turned something beautiful into something seen as sleazy.

I want us to be bold.

Let go of past mistakes – we cannot change them, and friends let me remind you, that there is no shame or condemnation in Jesus Christ.

I took me over a decade to work through things that I did before I married Kieren, because of what I thought it had defined me too, but God showed me that I am a new creation

So now, I passionately follow Jesus, and I am not ashamed to say, that I love sex and Jesus!

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