The Great Reminder

Situations are being asked of some of us that “scare you” to move forward, or maybe you are paralysed in time because the thought of growth or the unknown has made you fearful.

But, as I read through Deuteronomy 31 this morning, I was reminded that God is everywhere, He is the all-knowing and all-seeing God, and that His plan for us, was set long ago

God is in your circumstances right now, but He has already gone before you, and prepared the way, for what is to come

Friends, do not fear.

God encourages us to be ”bold and courageous.” Therefore, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, choose to walk in the presence of God, because once you take that first step…the second and third steps become natural, and before you know it, you have realised that you ARE “bold and courageous,”

Do not fear what is to come…

God is always there for you, and I love that the only way to prove this, is to step out, today and see where the Spirit of God takes you

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