Giving to Someone in Need

We all love a good sob story…one where someone or something receives their ”happy ever after.”

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend about her love for the ”Acts of Kindness” videos on YouTube. She was saying that she can’t stop watching them because she loves to see these people make another individual happy.

While the act itself is beautiful, a homeless person (for instance) doesn’t need a phone shoved in their face while the person films the ”random act” of giving the person in need, food, money, or the trainers on their feet.

Since when have acts of kindness been about how many likes, views, or shares we get?

God challenged me this morning…

”Even in the midst of good deeds, are we still seeking approval of man, or God?”

Reading Matthew 6, put everything into context.

For some, we have a God-given gift such as helps, hospitality, mercy, or encouragement. All beautiful and powerful gifts in their own right, but when we are looking to others for affirmation, it takes away from what God originally intended for the gifts

I love the Scripture above, because it says:

But when…

Not IF we give, but when. It’s a command from God that we should be helping those in need. A reminder that the left hand doesn’t need to know what the other hand is doing because it’s none of its business

In the same conversation with friends, the quote came up:

It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks of me

I am unsure who first spoke this, but thank you!! Thank you for putting into words what revelation we all need, from time to time.

Friends, we don’t need another person to reaffirm our ”act of kindness” – because God sees

We don’t need another person to raise us on some social media platform – because God knows

God has placed us on this earth for a purpose – therefore, let’s focus on that, let’s help another human receive the care they deserve, without needed others to applaud us for it

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Rebecca Brand

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