Are You in the Drivers Seat?

This morning, I have to admit, that I went on social media before spending time with God (tut tut, I hear you say ?) but I came across a friend’s post of her daughter’s birthday, and the Holy Spirit instantly reminded me of a reoccurring dream I had had…

In this dream, I was always in a high-speed car chase, maybe different cars, maybe different things going on in and around me, but the basis was still the same…

I was not the driver

Then I ”came across” the above Scripture and I realised that for some of us, we have a tendency to always want to be in the driver’s seat (although my excuse is my car sickness, so when I drive, it’s never a concern ?) but being honest…

How many of us struggle with control issues?

How many of us will happily listen to other people’s ideas, only to wait to vito them all?

…It’s my way, or the high way…

This Scripture reminds us that actually, God should be in the drivers seat, God’s ideas should to be listened to, but most importantly, it should always be God’s way

What do you need to surrender before God today?

A dream? That job? A child? Your relationship?

Maybe it’s something like…

Social Media? ????? The snooze button? Or eating too much chocolate ?

Or what about…

Being fearful? Faithlessness? Rejection? Loss of hope?

Whatever reason there is for wanting to be in the driver’s seat, please let me encourage you…

With God in the driver’s seat, I promise, you’ll have the time of your life

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