Jesus did Not Come to Save Angels

Have you ever heard the expression…

“Today, God gained a new angel.”

Me too, but I was thinking this morning, that it is a bizarre concept, only because Jesus did not come to save Angels, as they are not created in the image of God

Jesus died as a human, to save all of humanity. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that we turn into an angelic-being once we die. If we know Christ and have a personal relationship with Him, then God calls us home

Angels also never get to receive the redemptive love of Christ…they never know God’s forgiveness, and therefore, when we die, we are free from sin, free from pain, depression, fear, and any other thing that Satan tries to throw at us in this world

When we die, God has called His son or daughter home, and because we have been resurrected, we will never know death again

This world is only temporary and as Billy Graham would say, “we are simply passing through.”

Let’s not think of death as us being recreated into an Angel, because the price God paid for our lives, is far higher than that of an angel

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