Finding Treasure


To some, it’s merely a piece of paper. To others, it’s a blessing to marry your best friend, but whatever your stance, God is clear

When we say, ”I do” we have made a covenant before the Lord. We’re saying that we choose this person until the end of our days and that we will become one with them, by seeking God together

I often hear people say that marriage is hard work, but this is a lie. When two broken people come together and think that marriage fixes things, this is when the issues occur. Marriage is never the issue…we are.

When marriage becomes hard, that is when we have focused on our partner needing to meet an expectation that was designed for only God to fulfil.

When marriage gets tough, we have taken the three-corded strand and allowed it to become frayed. I’m not saying there aren’t good and bad days, we are human, and emotions get the better of us, but the fundamentals of the covenant we made in front of God, never change, only we do.

God tells any Husband to love his wife, as Christ loves the church…until death (Ephesians 5:25) Choosing her. Allowing himself to become a sacrifice by stepping into his God-given purpose, as a man, by loving his wife wholeheartedly that he will actively choose her, every day


Because marriage is a ”type” (like a metaphor or picture) of Christ and the Church. We are One. Sacred and Holy.

Ladies, don’t think it’s all on your Husband! Proverbs 31 comes to mind with the character of a wife. We find strength from the Lord, but we are called to raise our Husbands, we were created to help him after all (Genesis 2:18) but, let’s imitate Christ, and lead a life of integrity.

Proverbs 18:22 shows us that when a man finds a wive, he finds treasure…a good thing.

Like marriage itself, the union of man and wife, is a blessing, a treasure, because now our lives are represented in how Christ lived and died for the church

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