What Motivates You?

The thought I had this morning was…

What motivates me?

Every morning, I choose to spend time with God. I choose to seek God for a Word. I choose to blog. I choose…

Yet, over four years ago, I said ”yes” to what God was pressing on my heart, and there have been days, when honestly, I didn’t feel ”motivated” to get out of bed (usually after too many late nights).

As one of Christ’s ambassadors, I want to tell others about Jesus. I desire all of us to be walking in our God-given callings, but ultimately, I pray for everyone to have an intimate relationship with God.

So what motivates me?

Christ’s love…

Because it compels me to do more (2 Corinthians 5:14)

We all get to choose or make decisions every day about whether we pursue God, or not. There will always be a reason not too do something that God has placed on our heart…


What if today, we decide that the love we have for Christ, will motivate us to be brave, to conquer that fear, to forgive them, to love the unlovable, to dream bigger, or to help those who have hurt us…What if…

Let’s be motivated by Christ today

Let’s be the ambassador that we were created to be!

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