The God who Heals

Have I told you that I love God lately?

I have been going through periodically, God’s names, within the Bible, because when you love someone, you desire to know more about them.

Today, I reread about Jehovah-Rapha…the God that heals.

How many of us have experienced God’s goodness in our lives?

I’m guessing all of us because it’s God’s unfailing love and mercies that bring most of us “to our knees.” Yet, it was God’s healing touch that changed my life forever

Miracle after miracle, I have seen Jehovah-Rapha outwork the impossible in my own life, but also those around me

I have seen cancer disappear before my very eyes, baron wombs carry a child, death flee, incurable diseases gone, but most importantly, I have witnessed broken-hearts restored

There has been nothing in comparison, then when God raises someone into His loving embrace, andthey realise that this world doesn’t define them – Jesus does

Why do I love God? Because He saved me…from me

There are so many people that are destroying their souls, and comprising their truths, because of choices they are making.

We drink, take drugs, or sleep around to try and make ourselves feel good, and yet, we don’t realise that the fulfilment we seek, comes from the inside-out.

This verse defines Jehovah-Rapha, to me, because He is a God that heals every part of us – God heals our spirit, soul, and body, but when we realise we are restored, we wear the “Crown of Love” with pride

A crown is symbolic for power, legitimacy, honour, and glory, but more importantly, this Crown of Love is given, because love conquers all

When we know, with every breath we take, that we are His, we seek out healing from the inside-out, and then we desire for others to seek out the same

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