Mediocre Christianity

Do you think that Christianity today is a good representation of what God created it to be?

This morning, I have been mulling over faith, compared to the first century, and yes, there are fundamental differences within the standards of living, or the rulership (for example) but God has never said that Christianity is mediocre.

Why do none-Christian’s feel like they’d have to give up a ”fun-filled” life if they gave their lives to God? Why do people think that Christianity is not for them?

The answer is simple…because we, and those who have gone before us, have created it this way.

Sad, but true.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but mediocre Christianity was not part of God’s plan.

Humanity has gone through waves of revival and then a lull since Christ died, and yet, John 10:10 shows that Christ did not come to just give us life, but that we would also have it to the full!

Why do we except our faith to be like a half-eaten plate of food? Or that we have waited so long, that the food is now cold and mouldy. Would we ever except that in life? (Unless you are a parent with small children, then this is a bad analogy)

At some point, we need to WAKE UP and want more. We need to chase after God with everything we have. Pray for that burning passion that we read time and time again through Scripture.


Because life was never supposed to be boring, mediocre, or flat. God created us to do extraordinary things, in an extraordinary world. If we are children of the Most High, then our birth-right is to be anything but ordinary.

We were created to soar!

To be the salt and light.

For people to desire to know more.

For unbelievers to thirst and hunger to know God, because they see life in its fullness, before their very eyes, in us!

Have you accepted mediocre?

If so, ponder with God, as to why, as there is an alternative

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Rebecca Brand

My hearts desire is for everyone to have an intimate relationship with Christ. To hear the voice of God and to experience His presence. Also, to help disciple others to discover their purpose within the body of Christ - through the power of the Holy Spirit.

My God-given dream is to break down barriers within life and the Church as a whole to strengthen and develop relationships within every denomination and bring unity - so that we will collectively raise up together and fulfil the Great Commission, within this lifetime.

I am living proof that no matter what your past was or whatever your life has become - God will use you to fulfil what He created you to do, when you step out in obedience and faith.

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