When Jesus was Alone (part 1)

There is one verse in the Bible that always breaks me, but in a way that I can’t think about it for too long, before I have tears streaming down my throat

I’m sure there will be many different verses for different people, but for me…

”Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” Mark‬ ‭15:34‬ ‭

…speaks to the deepest part of my soul

This is the only time in History when Jesus truly felt forsakenness from God because it was at the time when He felt the true depths of humanity’s sin…

Everything that Jesus had gone through before this moment, and even when He was in the wilderness for 40 days (and then He was tempted by the devil), nothing had compared to this…

This was the moment when Jesus felt the absence of God; and so, He cried out to the Father…probably scared, even confused, or maybe panicked, but He questioned God, before realising that His whole purpose had been fulfilled, and in the book of Matthew (chapter 27:50) it says that Jesus released His spirit. He let go. He died.

There are some of us reading this today that feel abandoned by God. You can’t feel Him. You feel alone. Nowhere to turn, or hide.

David in Psalm 22 felt the same way. He uttered the same words in the first verse of this Psalm, because He felt alone, and yet, David described the way that God would lead him out of despair, and He looked forward to the future when God would rule the earth once more

I encourage you today to read Psalm 22, which is beautifully powerful in the journey it takes, and then tomorrow, I hope to see you here again, because I want to show you just how amazing God truly is when we feel alone

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Rebecca Brand

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