Choose God

God put us on this earth for relationships, and the ones we have – if God has given them to us – should be precious, especially our relationship with Him

Yet, we have twisted God’s original purpose to show Christ’s love in our lives, by trying to please others, instead of God

For some of us, we fear humanity, we strive for approval, take unnecessary risks to be seen, or we can pick “man” over God

It’s not wrong to love people in our lives, because Scripture asks us too. However, if the choice is doing what God created us to do, and seeking His will over what someone demands – choose God

When life as we know it, is all said and done, God will show each of us, an account of our lives…imagine if the life you were destined to have, looked different to what actually played out?

I want us to choose God above all things because He is eternal – He knows the beginning to the end, so why be guided by anyone else, but Him? It doesn’t mean that we don’t have people talking into our lives, because this brings accountability, but God’s way should be first in our lives, every time

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