El Shaddai

I was speaking to someone yesterday, and they had a pretense of Christianity just being a ”religion”, but it’s so much more than that…

Christianity is different because it’s a way of life. God meets us where we are…(which is generally rock bottom, because when life is good, people generally don’t ask ”why” or search for answers) but God is also, the only one who comes to His people – rather than all other ”religions” telling us that we must try and reach them

Christianity shows us that God is God Almighty, because of what He has done (He sent Jesus to save us) but also what is to come (eternal life with Him)

He is the only One with the power and ability to meet our every need, and yet His ”commands” are simple…


There is no twenty-step program to reach the top. Or complete this course to go to the next level of Godliness…

It’s loving each other because in doing so, we truly find God.

This Scripture reaffirms that God wants us to be faithful – which is to believe in what is written in God’s Word so that we can be guided through the ups and downs of life. Also, faithful in God – not other religions – because there is only One true God. But God also asks, that we try to live a blameless life…not righteous or to try and be perfect because it’s impossible to do. Blameless simply means that we try to do the best we can, in loving others, and God. Yet, when we mess up, we need to ask for forgiveness (where possible) of those we’ve hurt

There is no condemnation, no shame, or fear, in Christianity, because of who God is…

He is El Shaddai, God Almighty

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