Blessed…because of Christ

The Beatitudes are a beautiful piece of Scripture that many just take in a literal sense, but they are so much more than that

“Beatus” is translated as ”blessed” in Latin…we are blessed because we have found Jesus

The Beatitudes will, at least, challenge the way we think, but at best, we will seek to walk in the ways of what Jesus was talking about

The Beatitudes show us Kingdom values compared to the worldly ones, in other words – what is eternal compared to temporary

We need to remember that this piece of Scripture should be taken as a whole, and not as a smorgasbord for us to decide which bits we like

The Beatitudes, for me, is what Christ ultimately died for. That we will no longer follow the ways of those around us, but instead, look to Christ for guidance.

They show us that happiness isn’t found in outward circumstances, but one of hope and joy given through Jesus. Life isn’t always cupcakes and roses, but for most, it is fought with hardship, pain, and suffering because Jesus doesn’t promise laughter, lifelong happiness, or pleasure, but He does promise the Kingdom of Heaven

If we seek His ways in all that we do, then the Beatitudes will challenge the way we live until the day we die

Therefore, today, I encourage you to read the Beatitudes (Matthew 5-1:12), ask God to speak to you through the Scripture, and let me know how the Beatitudes speak to you

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