Taking Back Control in Your Life

We have all been there…or maybe you are currently living it

Do you have someone in your life who demands something from you, guilt trips, or manipulates, in order to get what they want?

It may seem harmless at first, or you might have felt sorry for them – after all, they were going through a hard time…yet, now, it has become a requirement to the relationship, the kind of relationship where if they say ”jump” you say, ”how high?”

Friends, it is not ok for someone to project onto you or manipulate you, in order to get what they want. This certainly isn’t ”loving one another, as God loves you” because we were created to choose to love freely, not to be a demand to do it.

Remember, that Jesus told His disciples that they would be like sheep among wolves (Matthew 10:16) – we should stand out, but for the right reasons

I want to encourage you today, that Scripture shows that Jesus’ ”yoke is easy, and His burden is light” (Matthew 11:30) – in other words, if anyone makes us feel anything other than who we were created to be…then we need to pray for them, but also start to put boundaries in place, so that they start to take responsibility in their own lives, as we should our own.

Don’t be burdened with other people’s stress, worries, or fears!

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t walk alongside others through the tough times, or grieve with them when they are, but it’s more than when the demands start coming, that is when we are crossing over the boundary lines, and ultimately, when manipulation starts to occur

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