Jesus over Housework

When I previously thought of the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), I instantly thought that Martha was wrong to have not sat down and just listened to Jesus, as her sister Mary did. But there is far more to this story than just right and wrong.

Martha had invited Jesus into her home, and therefore she was trying to prepare her home, and a meal for her guests. After all, Jesus wasn’t one to usually say, ”I’m looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday, at 7pm!” Most times, Jesus would be invited into the homes of which he was passing by.

So, Martha was concerned with the task at hand – to serve Jesus – whereas, for Mary, it was about the revelation she received from Him. Both were not wrong, but Mary had discovered the most important thing, by choosing to sit at Jesus’ feet. Mary was undistracted, and Jesus told Martha that He wouldn’t take that privilege from her.

How many of us are more concerned about our housework, than spending time with Jesus?

There is definitely a time and a place for doing dishes, or cooking food, but I know for myself, I can remember a time when Jesus was speaking to me, and I decided that the task at hand was more important.

Not a cook?

What about when we are walking in our calling, and realise, we spend more time with God preparing for that, than for our own personal journey?

Let’s be honest, we can spin it any which way, but this story shows us that Jesus reminded Martha that our primary focus should be, to be with Jesus, and not just to serve Him

There will always be distractions within this lifetime, but it’s remembering that even good ones can take us off the primary reason, for our existence…a relationship with God

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