Dreaming until Reality

My smile is one of pure joy…this is over a decade of dreaming and prayers rolled into one hack

It may seem trivial or ridiculous that I have waited over 10 years to do something that could have been booked at any point, but thoughts become desires, and desires become dreams, but to the point that life, marriage, and a child, always came before this dream. Money was always my sticking point, and so I decided that I would wait…until it became something that I thought was no longer a possibility

I rode horses when I was younger, in Cornwall, it was my thing, my escape from reality. There is no feeling quite like it and it was a passion that filled my soul right to the brim!

Yet, every year of dreaming that I would get back into the saddle…the dream got further away, and so although I spoke to Kieren about it, I stopped writing it on my ”yearly goals/prayer list”

Something inside me had died. I no longer believed that it would happen, and the passion to see it come to pass was no longer a second thought

So what’s my point?

My dreams have always been about what I wanted to achieve. The list I write and stick on my fridge each year, are prayer points, or goals, that I want to see come to pass within the next 365 days. It a list where I say “come on God” let’s push the boundaries, let’s dare to dream big – and I have some BIG goals for 2019, yet horse riding wasn’t one of them, because I thought I would never have enough time, or be able to justify the money etc.

Yet, Kieren encouraged me that this year would be the year, and so I flippantly added it onto my 2019 list, but in my head, had already dismissed it

God sees our true desires – and yesterday a friend from work lent me her spare hat and we rode around the Auckland countryside for over an hour

My dream happened, through another person…there was no financial cost, and as a family, we had created enough time for me to do this.

Sometimes when we lay our dreams at the cross, the outworking of it will be so different from how we think it will come to pass, but we need to realise that God works differently to how we see things happening

So today, let’s rise up those dormant dreams and start believing for what is to come

Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and he will provide for you what you desire the most.” Psalms‬ ‭37:4‬

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Rebecca Brand

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