Walking with Integrity

There are certain things within Proverbs that Solomon definitely wants to get across to us…one of them is, walking with integrity.

I spoke briefly on it yesterday, but as I was meditating on the words God spoke to me throughout the day, I thought that I wanted to actually explain it more.

Integrity isn’t something we are born with – we have to fight, to want to walk this path with God, and yes, mistakes will occur, because, we aren’t perfect, and that’s ok.

Integrity is more about a way of life. That we desire to seek God’s ways above our own and want to walk in His truth, rather than the one the world seeks us to live by.

It’s having the knowledge and wisdom to push through our circumstances, because we trust God, in that He has gone before us, and therefore we do not compromise our peace and faith, that He will come through.

Integrity is allowing ourselves to be accountable to those God has given us. That we will not fear or strive to hide our imperfection, but grow with our tribe, to become who God intended us all to be.

I want to walk with integrity, and be shielded by God, to understand that although this path may not be easy, it is so worth it!

2 Comments on “Walking with Integrity

  1. Amen! My prayer is to be holy and pure and to spend as much time as possible in God’s presence. The more I spend time with God, the more I desire to be like him.
    Your posts really encourage me each day. Thank you so much for your ministry. God bless you xx

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