Blessed Through the Tough Times

Leah’s story is one that most of us can relate to in some way.

She was told that she wasn’t beautiful and therefore, she needed to lie her way into marriage, because no one else would want her.

Can you imagine the feeling of being unloved by your Husband, who only had eyes for her sister…the rejection she must have felt, constantly. The irony came though, when Rachel – Leah’s sister – was beautiful, and yet still barren.

How many of us think that beauty is the answer?

The Bible shows us that beauty is fleeting, and God looks to the heart, so it’s never been about beauty, but about our relationship with God.

Leah reminds me that we can be blessed through the tough times. But it took her to have her fourth boy before she praised God. Genesis 29 shows her anguish she went through when you read the meaning of her first three children, yet she named the fourth baby, Judah – which literally means, to praise. She received breakthrough!

Until then, Leah strived to be recognised by Jacob, her Husband, but in the end, her circumstances didn’t change – she did.

Leah was still just as unloved and rejected by her sister and Husband, but inwardly, she recognised her blessings through God. Those which He had given her, through Motherhood.

I wish I could say that Leah’s life became perfect, but it didn’t, yet God blessed her more than she could have imagined. Levi, her third son, became the father of the tribe of Israel that was chosen to serve the Lord in the Tabernacle, and later the temple. But also, her fourth son, Judah, became the father in which God maintained His covenant with Abraham. Yet, Leah’s ultimate blessing came from the Jesus, who was a descendant from the tribe of Judah, and therefore, in her bloodline.

Just like Leah, we need to learn to praise God through the tough times, because we may never truly know how blessed we have been, until we look back from Heaven

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