Talking Straight

Recently I was asked to write on, “Why do I trust people?” I simply started with…why wouldn’t I?

We have lost the ability to take people at their word, or to put it as James 5:12 says, our yes should be yes, and no a no.

I was reminded of this again yesterday when I heard children talking and one asked the other to “swear” on what they just said.

If my Daughter wants to know if we are telling her the truth, then she will ask us to “pinky promise.”

It’s a sad world we live in when we have to teach people to become truthful, rather than to not lie or to be deceitful.

I long for a culture when our yes is a yes, or no a no. We shouldn’t have to try and convince someone over an “oath” that what we have just spoken is the truth, correct, or that it will happen, because integrity should be at play in our lives, constantly.

I trust people because I would rather see the good in people, than instantly comes up with reasons, as to why I shouldn’t take them at their word.

Let’s talk straight…let’s live that our yes is a yes, and no a no!

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