Has the New Year Bubble Burst yet?

It’s the 4th January and usually, by now, a lot of New Year’s resolutions have started to dissipate.

That sounds overly negative, but the truth is, we all have good intentions, yet there is always a reason “not too”, and most of the time the New Year’s bubble bursts quite quickly.

I made a resolution a few years ago that I wasn’t going to make any more resolutions…it sounds weird, I know, but I realised that it shouldn’t take New Years Day to decide that I want to make my situation better…for myself to want to become healthier…or even, to spend more time with God in the mornings.

We can get bogged down with the details, that everything becomes “too much”.

Whatever God is pressing on your heart in the next season, we need to endure and continue to press in. Make sure that we are spending time with Him regularly because if you don’t understand the “why” behind the “what” – things get mundane.

Yet, when you build your relationship with God and the “why” does become clearer, it gives you a passion to continue, no matter what

Therefore, today, I want to encourage you to keep going with whatever God has asked, and don’t give up!

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