God Never Tempts Us

It can be so easy to blame God when we are facing circumstances in our lives that go beyond our understanding.

“God’s tempting me” is not His way, and therefore, we need to realise that hard times are apart of life, along with uncertainty, financial hardships, and so on…

God doesn’t send these things to us, although, He may allow the trials as a training ground for His greater purpose…

When you receive an unexpected bill – do you go straight to the credit card, or God?

When someone hates on you – do you give them a piece of their own medicine, or say nothing?

When you’re sick – do you go straight for the pills, or ask for healing in Jesus’ name?

The temptations we face can either propel us into God’s purpose for our lives or send us down a one-way track.

Will we seek God and obey His word? God tests us because of what is to come. He never tempts us by seducing us into doing wrong – that’s not God!

Our faith, through trials, is refined because it builds character. Therefore, it ultimately shows us to turn to God, in times of need

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