The New You

I love it when Scripture gets stuck in my mind. It’s like I can’t think of anything else, and I begin to think about what it is that God is trying to show.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they were cast out of Eden in order for them to be kept away from the Tree of Life.

I had never really contemplated this before because I was too caught up in the devastation of Adam and Eve being outside of God’s presence in Eden.

However, if they had eaten from the other tree in the middle of Eden, sin would be present for eternity, and this is why it’s guarded until Jesus returns.

God’s plan is beautiful with His redemptive love because we see this in Revelation 22, when the Tree of Life becomes available to us again, as sin is no more in the new Jerusalem.

One day we will all be back with the Messiah, and there will be a “new you”. No more will God use sinners to reflect His goodness in this world because we will all be in our purest form…perfection…how it was intended all along.

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