When Christianity gets Boring

I have been told that Christianity is boring…it’s just lots of rules and regulations…it’s not fun…or people don’t want to give up their lifestyle…and, many more similar statements.

But, what is it that people are really saying?

Personally, I feel, it’s because they don’t actually know Who Jesus is!

I thought I was living the dream before I found Christ, but now I know how wrong I was – I have more than I could ever have imagined…

I have self-worth, a true identity, an unwavering faith, an overwhelming sense of purpose, a never-ending amount of love and compassion, a God-loving Husband, and a Daughter that medicine told me was “impossible” to have.

My life is rich beyond measure, I laugh every day, I have a joy that I cannot contain, I do not fear, or have any questions that cannot be answered…I have peace.


Because I have a relationship with Jesus.

So, I truly believe that the only reason Christianity is worthless and boring, is when you haven’t truly found the most precious thing of all

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