Jesus in the Jar

I was reading a devotion this morning, and I was reminded of an illustration that I was shown whilst at Bible College. This is where you have a jar and then prioritise the rocks, stones, pebbles, sand and finally water.

I am a visual person, so I loved this because it put things into perspective for me with reference to how I should live my life.

The illustration basically demonstrates that when we feel overloaded by life, it’s usually a sign that something has shifted from the order that was originally intended because when you prioritise correctly, everything fits with ease and you can achieve more.

In other words – load up the jar from the biggest to smallest (your priorities) to get balance. I.e.: The rock (Jesus) first, then the stones (family/friends), pebbles (work/education), sand (hobbies), and finally water (exercise)

It looks different for everyone but Jesus is always supposed to be the Rock – the first to go in the jar.

When we prioritise anything before Jesus, things just don’t feel right. Life gets harder. Issues become more complicated and the jar just doesn’t work anymore.

We were created to worship the Rock of our salvation. The One who saves. The God who gave everything for us, to have a relationship with Him.

So my thought for this morning is, where does Jesus sit in our jars of life?

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