Praising God

Do you ever look back, to where you have come from, within your life?

How far God has bought you?

The battles you have won? Or those that you thought you had lost?

The Israelites wanted to remember what God had done for them in order to have the faith for what was to come.

“What if…” was something that I used to speak with my Husband about. But, it wasn’t the “what if God had not been on our side?” It was “what if this, or that, went wrong?” I was always looking at the negative rather than, the fact, that if I am seeking God, then He is on my side, and we really have nothing to fear.

Now, I dream of what is to come, because I remember what God has already done. I have realised that I would not be where I am if God had not been by my side.

Let’s remember to praise God for His goodness and faithfulness in even the smallest details of our lives.

Let’s praise Him for what He has done for us, continues to do, and what He is about to do, in each one of our lives

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