When Life is Built on Love

I keep mulling over the need for people to love. But, I mean, to truly love, freely, the way that God describes it.

The Bible says that we will be known by the way we love. The way that we show God, through our lives. The way we speak and by the way we communicate.

“We can love others and not love God but it is impossible to love God and not love others.”

I love this quote because it brings 1 John 4:7 into context, along with so many other Scriptures.

When we give our lives to God, we become a Son and Daughter – an Heir with Christ. His ways become ours, as we journey day-by-day to become like Jesus.

Yet, those who are yet to find God’s love was still created by Him, and therefore, we need to show God’s grace and love to them, as we do our Christian family.

The stark reality that I keep coming back to is: YOU might be the only Christian that the person in your life will ever meet, so love them as if their life depends on it…because it really does.

Imagine for a second…if all Christian’s could grasp hold of this Biblical truth…

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