Counting until Eternity

How many of us have actually counted the cost of following Jesus?

We tend to think that life is about you and him; her; or maybe, about them, but it’s actually about Jesus and yourself.

Jesus calls us to a life of obedience when we pick up that cross and allow Him into our hearts. It’s a lifetime of saying yes and amen when it doesn’t make sense.

I did not truly understand that it’s about following the One who loves me, unconditionally. The One who died on a cross to ensure I could live for eternity.

There is a cost to following Jesus.

I love the analogy of running the race that Paul speaks about, because some will be more ahead of others, but, it’s realising that no matter where you are at this point, it’s about finishing well.

Counting the cost means we look to what is to come, because, the Bible makes no attempt to cover up the hardships that we must endure throughout life, so we need to reflect on whether we will be tempted to stop our race, or turn back because it’s easier.

Where are we in our Christian walk?

Are we sold out for Jesus – pursuing Him with everything we have?

Do we even know that we are alive to fulfil a purpose?

And so, today, I encourage you to think about, if Jesus returned today, would our lives reflect the life we were pre-destined to have?

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