Keep Waiting…

The recap on Moses’ life in the book of Acts really spoke to me this morning, because I feel that there are some of us feeling disheartened or discouraged that God has not released you into what you feel you are ultimately called to do.

“Moses assumed his fellow Israelites would realise that God had sent him to rescue them, but they didn’t.” Acts 7:25? ?

It’s amazing to think that Moses assumed that “the time was now” when he stuck up for a fellow Israelite, and that God was releasing him into his destiny, of bringing freedom to God’s people.

Yet, 40 years…yeap…40…God sends Moses back to Egypt to set His captives free, and Moses became one of the greatest Leaders in the Bible.

God places dreams in our hearts for a reason, and although the people around you might not see your God-given purpose, keep waiting and seeking God. Keep drawing closer to God with your relationship, because it just simply isn’t the right time…yet

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