What is your Faith based upon?

When you think about your faith, what is the foundation based upon?

Looking back through the book of Acts, we can see that the Disciples caused a lot of unrest when they started preaching about the resurrection of Jesus.

Peter and Paul weren’t persecuted for talking about the Old Testament Scriptures, but about Jesus dying and ascending to Heaven.

Our faith, therefore, needs to be based upon the resurrection, and not the Bible.

The early church survived because they saw or heard from actual witnesses, about the Good News of Jesus Christ, and therefore, if that kind of faith can last over 2,000 years, then that is what we must focus on, because, if our Bible’s were taken from us, just like many around the world today, remember, we still have Jesus, and that’s all we truly need

2 Comments on “What is your Faith based upon?

  1. Thank you for this post. I truly benefit greatly form this. to put my faith in Jesus and not the bible, as the Pharisees did. God bless you

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