Life’s Greatest Battles​

IMG_0102Hey friends!

Abit of a different post today, but as some of you will be aware, I have written a book called, “Life’s Greatest Battles” which comes from my heart to see people set free from our struggles in life, and how to win the battles we are faced with.

I believe that we were all called to walk in freedom and that comes when we step out and face the issues that perhaps we have been struggling with for years, and follow God’s  purpose for our lives.

I would love to self-publish with Elm Hill Christian Publishing, who are apart of HarperCollins and therefore, I am currently raising money to do so. If you would like to pledge, please click on the photo and it will send you through to the KickStarter website. Please note: that no money will be taken from your account unless I reach my target within the next 11 days. Alternatively, you can give by going to the “Connect” page on this site and then clicking on “Giving.”

Thank you, and I can’t wait to see what God will do with this book

Bless you,

Rebecca x


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