And…Sit Down

Every time I read this part of Scripture, it sends chills down my spine, because we now have a way to break what was, a complicated system to atone for sin.

It’s fascinating that the Priests in the Old Testament were never allowed to sit down – there is not one mention of a chair – because their work to cover the Israelites sin, was never done.

Yet, we read in Hebrews 1:3 – that once Jesus died and had fulfilled all that God had asked, and arose to Heaven, “He sat down in the place of honour at the right hand of the majestic God.”


Because it was done. Finished. Or the Greek word is “Tetelestai” which means, paid in full.

And yet, we still continue to strive for our sin to be forgiven…

Think we have something to do…

Feel ashamed for past events…

Or just not feeling good enough to come into God’s embrace.

There are so many of us still yet to receive this revelation that Jesus is sat down – our debts have been paid.

So, I encourage us today to read John 19 and to pull up a chair, because there is simply nothing more for us to do, but to live a life, loving God, and loving others.

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