Cultivating Gratitude

Have you ever said things like:

I have nothing to wear…

Staring at a wardrobe full of clothes.

Or what about:

There’s nothing to eat…

With a pantry full of food.

It can be easy to see the lack in our lives, but actually, when we shift our way of thinking, we start to cultivate gratitude and thankfulness.

Paul writes in Colossians about being grounded in Christ because our ways are not Christ’s way.

Think of when Jesus fed the 5,000. The disciples saw lack, whereas Jesus thanked God for what they had and with gratitude, God blessed them but from that, the faith grew from the disciples.

We need to remember that our words or our thoughts have power, so when we shift the negative to a positive – things change. Life’s are transformed. Breakthrough happens.


Because just as a plant draws nourishment from the soil through their roots, so we draw our life-giving strength from Christ.

The more we draw from His ways, His thoughts, His strength, the less we will be inclined to think about what we need, rather than what we have.

This then brings freedom, it brings joy, peace, thankfulness, love, forgiveness, guidance, and gratitude but it also brings so much more than we can ever comprehend…it brings eternal life.

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