Will It Ever Happen?

There are parts of the body of Christ that are working together really well. Different denominations or churches that are coming together for conferences, or those who are influential, are opening their church doors, to build others up – which is amazing!

Yet, there are still so many people who believe that their belief system is the only way…the way they worship, the way they deliver sermons, even the doctrinal aspects are fought over, and the church tears itself apart from the inside out.

Satan must roar his head off with laughter!

God designed us differently to reach people that others can’t. A foot is not designed with the same function as the heart. Or a blood vessel cannot be a rib.

Jesus’ desire for His disciples was that they would become one. To be unified as powerful witnesses to the reality of God’s love.

Therefore, Jesus prayed for unity among the believers based on His believers’ unity with Him and the Father.

Unity is not conforming to the same thing as the next person, but realising our functions within the body, and then allowing others to do the same – seamlessly.

Then, the world will really know Jesus’ name

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