Ignoring God

I remember the day so vividly because God made a point to me.

I was given a word from Him, to give to the person stood beside me, but I was apprehensive…

What if I hadn’t heard God right?

What if the person rejected what I said?

As I was arguing with God about the words I was to speak and how I was to introduce myself, the person to the other side of me approached the person I had a word for and spoke the exact same thing God had told me to say.

Shocked wasn’t the word! But I was disappointed that I had missed an opportunity to show God’s goodness…

Then the clincher

God quietly spoke in my Spirit and said, “If you don’t speak what I ask, then someone else will.”

From that day, I have always tried to be obedient in being led by God

Yet, how difficult is it when the kids are arguing, you have deadlines to meet, or maybe you don’t have enough money to pay that bill, let alone give the money to someone else. I get it

Sometimes we don’t know why God asks us to do something and maybe we never will, but I have learnt that obedience brings a blessing and whether that is seeing the other person find God. Or finding out that another person paid your bill unexpectedly – whatever happens, the most important thing is, that we don’t ignore God

5 Comments on “Ignoring God

  1. I’m learning I can trust God to speak to my husband. When my opinion is opposite to his I can rest that God is working things out and I can rest that we won’t mess up His plans, especially when we both want His Kingdom to come and His will to be done. It’s a journey into peace and rest and anticipation that as I partner and support instead of pressing my point I am depositing loving things into my husband’s and my heart.

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    • I love this! Thank you for sharing ❤️ It’s so true that speaking life over people, rather than trying to make a point has a far greater impact on not only them, but ourselves as well. God will bless your obedience and faithfulness 🙌🏼


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